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Techxdefcon1 offers customers in the UAE, GCC, Middle East, India and Africa, unique solutions in Cyber Security like Threat Intelligence, Network and End Point Protection, Digital Forensics and Incident Response, Virtual CISO and other Cyber Security Consultancy Services.  


TechxDefcon1 partner with some of the most sophisticated, effective and globally recognized cyber security products and services to assess, mitigate and provide long-term solutions against cyber threats.  

We also assist our clients for CyberSecurity Assessments for ISO27001 , GDPR, Insider Threat Protection and other mandatory requirements for Governance and Compliance

Impact of Risk

Our Offerings

We offer a wide range of security solutions that help provide business users an insight in the form of a simple dashboard which can help in Forensic Fraud Protection and Detection, Financial Impact of Risk and Segregation of Duties to CyberSecurity Solutions which delivers the most comprehensive threat intelligence-driven solutions in the market enabling security teams to efficiently and effectively address threats throughout their lifecycle.

TechDefcon has also positioned itself to be your partner in Managed Cyber Security Services and Offering Testing as a Service (TaaS) which assists businesses to reduce Cap Ex and convert the same to Op Ex in your transformation journey, while you identify new growth opportunities, and facilitate your foray into new age of business.

Segregation of Duties


Our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your company's needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional customer service.

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Our Offerings

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LookingGlass Cyber Solutions delivers comprehensive threat intelligence-driven security through a scalable solution portfolio of machine readable threat intelligence (MRTI), threat intelligence management with 140+ data sources transformed into global Internet and threat intelligence, threat intelligence services, and network threat mitigation. 

By addressing risks across structured Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), unstructured and open source data (OSINT), internal network telemetry, and network threat mitigation, customers gain unprecedented understanding into threats that may impact their business including cyber, physical assets, and third party partners.

Prioritized, relevant and timely insights enable customers to operationalize threat intelligence in an effective and efficient way throughout the threat lifecycle. 

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To know more or for a demo on the product write to us at info@techdefcon.com

Darktrace The world leader in Enterprise Immune System technology for cyber security.

DarkTrace "The Enterprise Immune System"

Autonomous Cyber Defense Powered by Machine Learning & AI


Darktrace was founded by mathematicians and machine learning specialists who bring a fundamentally new approach to cyber security. 

With over 7,000 customer installations Headquartered in San Francisco, and Cambridge, UK we cover All verticals: from Retail Media and hospitality, to healthcare, financial services, and energy and utilities.

We can also scale up to any size business. Our smallest customer is a two person hedge fund in New York, and our largest is one of the top 3 global banks with 400,000 employees and over 1 million devices.


Darktrace works in a similar way. Like the human immune system, it is a self-learning system that is continually evolving and adapting to understand normal activity inside the network.

It can detect and stop threats before they do damage. Our approach is underpinned by unsupervised machine learning and mathematics. We typically take a hardware appliance and plug it in to the core of your network, where we configure a SPAN port from a core switch and passively ingest as much raw network traffic as possible. 

We analyze 350 different dimensions for every user and device on your network and from those metrics we create behavioral models. We call this a ‘pattern of life’. It is essentially a complex behavioral model for every person and device on your network. From these highly detailed models of normal, the machine learning is able to detect even the most subtle behavioral shifts, and do this in real time

We can display the most anomalous or threatening behaviors on our intuitive three-dimensional Threat Visualizer which I will demonstrate in a moment. And this gives unprecedented visibility into the behaviors deep in the core of the network. 

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Managed Security Services Provider

TechDefcon and our Associates work alongside your organization to conduct end to end and top to bottom risk assessments with a nuanced understanding of all applicable national and international regulations and standards including:

  • UAE's Information Assurance standards
  • GDPR
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards
  • ISO 27001 and 27002
  • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) 80053
  • IEC (International Electro technical Commission) 62443
  • ISACA COBIT framework

By analyzing an organization's existing position against these standards, we help our customers identify potential risks and bring our comprehensive cyber security knowledge to the task of efficiently and effectively mitigating these risks.

Although each assignment is unique given the specifics of each organization, we have developed a proprietary GRC risk assessment and mitigation tool tailor made for small and medium sized organization’s that ensures a detailed and comprehensive approach and gives each customer confidence that after each risk assessment exercise, it is in full compliance with all applicable regulations and has optimized its risk posture in light of the latest iterations of relevant international standard. 

Our risk mitigation process draws on the broad expertise we have within TechDefcon. 

Additional Services

Seceon , Threat Management

Red Team Services

Incident Response and Digital Forensics

VSOC using Forensic Tools

  • Red Teaming assessment consists of continuously simulated targeted attacks on your company using the most advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) from hackers’ arsenals. It is similar to war games helping armies to maintain combat readiness and being ready to hold your own against the real enemy in the event of conflict 
  • Red Teaming is focused on achieving specific objectives such as gaining access to critical infrastructure such as ATM systems, SWIFT networks, or exfiltrating sensitive data to simulate a real life attack 
  • Red Teaming is not limited in in any way unless restrictions are asked to be taken by the client; It closely mimics a real attacker who can prepare for attacks trying various tools and vectors.

Virtual SOC

VSOC using Forensic Tools

Incident Response and Digital Forensics

VSOC using Forensic Tools

TechDefcon Virtual SOC OTM Platform will protect your assets from the recent Ransomware attacks, as well as all internal & external threats (both known and unknown), including: 

i) Botnet, Brute Force Attack, DDoS, DDoS NTP, Insider Threat, Malicious behaviour, Malicious site access, Malware, Malware Spyware, Malware Virus, Data Raid, Vulnerability Exploit, RC4 attack, Spank Attack, Suspicious activities, Trojan Horse, Web Exploit, Ransomware etc.

ii) The OTM will allow your team and staff to focus on real threats, and allow you to reduce your operations costs.  Our OTM will usually take 3-4 hours to install, with no agents – with behavioral analytics and machine learning kicking off in 7-10 days.  Without the need to write rules or policies, like SIEM

Contact us at info@techdefcon.com to know more about the OTM Solution for Cloud and On Premise 


Incident Response and Digital Forensics

Incident Response and Digital Forensics

Incident Response and Digital Forensics

  • Minimize the negative impact of a threat or compromise 
  • Apply scientific methods to unambiguously analyse and document a (suspected) digital compromise 
  • Determine whether an environment is compromised by a yet unknown threat. 
  • Call us or write to us to know more more about our Incident Response and Forensic Services incident@techdefcon.com 

Product Information

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